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With more than 5,000 employees and 500 doctors, the CHU UCL Namur offers a complete range of care and services to its patients. Located in the Province of Namur (Belgium), CHU UCL Namur is spread over the hospital sites of Dinant, Godinne and Sainte-Elisabeth and is the leading private employer in the Province of Namur.

The ambition of our healthcare organisation is to form a hospital complex of European repute offering integrated care and an academic dimension at a level of quality that guarantees attractiveness to patients, residents and the best professionals.

In addition to its hospital activity, the CHU UCL Namur has facilities for housing the elderly and caring for young children. It can also rely on polyclinics located in Erpent, Ciney and Givet. The Foyer Saint-François, a ten-bed palliative care centre, complements the complex.

Article 1. Identity and contact details of website publisher

The website is published by the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Dinant Godinne Sainte-Elisabeth — UCL — Namur (hereinafter ‘CHU UCL Namur’), whose registered office is located at 5530 Yvoir, avenue Dr G. Thérasse 1, Belgium. Its company number is: 641.733.885.

The website of the CHU UCL Namur is managed by the Communication Department, which reports to the General Management.

Article 2. Consent to General Terms of Use

Access to the CHU UCL Namur website is subject to acceptance of these General Terms of Use. By visiting this website or using the information and functionalities it contains, you (hereinafter ‘the User’) automatically and unreservedly accept the general terms.

These General Terms of Use define the terms and conditions under which CHU UCL Namur makes its website and services available to the User and the ways in which the User may access the website and use its services.

CHU UCL Namur reserves the right to modify, suspend all or part of the content of the website, and update these General Terms of Use at any time.

Article 3. Limitation of liability

The CHU UCL Namur publishes the information contained on this website, deemed to be relevant and useful to Users, in good faith. This information is provided for information purposes only.

The CHU UCL Namur makes every effort to ensure that the information on its website is accurate and updated as regularly as possible.

However, CHU UCL Namur cannot be held responsible for any erroneous or inaccurate information.

Furthermore, CHU UCL Namur cannot be held responsible for interruptions of service or other technical problems affecting the Internet network. Nor can it be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, whatever its nature, which may result from the use of this website (e.g. viruses, damaged files, loss of programs or other data, etc.).

Furthermore, the CHU UCL Namur website may contain links to third party websites, products and services. CHU UCL Namur cannot be held responsible for the content of these other websites, which are subject to their own user charters.

In the same way, the CHU UCL Namur website may be accessible via external links from third parties over which CHU UCL Namur has no control. CHU UCL Namur gives no guarantee as to the accuracy, validity, relevance or completeness of any information you may find on these websites. CHU UCL Namur cannot be held responsible for the content of such links, nor for the links appearing on these websites.

The information published on the CHU UCL Namur website is of a general nature. It is not necessarily tailored to all personal or specific situations. It does not replace the advice, diagnosis, and assessment by a doctor.

Article 4. Protection of personal data

4.1. Privacy

CHU UCL Namur complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation — GDPR).

Access to the basic resources of the website neither requires the communication of any personal data such as name, date of birth, or address, nor the use of an authentication method via login and password.

4.2. Forms and personal space

Access to some specific or optional features of the website (e.g. applying to the CHU UCL Namur) requires encoding information about you. This involves the collection of personal data and is carried out on a voluntary basis, which implies your express consent.

Online forms

If you send us data via a form, this data will be processed and used exclusively for the purpose specified in the form. This data is not and will not be processed for any other purpose.

Information on the processing of data collected via these forms is provided on the relevant web pages. The information collected is not communicated to third parties at CHU UCL Namur, unless otherwise stated on the specific web page.

4.3. Cookies

The CHU UCL Namur website and interactive applications may use ‘cookies’. A ‘cookie’ is a file of limited size, usually consisting of letters and numbers, sent by the Internet server to the browser’s cookie file located on the hard disk of a computer. Cookies allow us to better understand the behaviour of Users, tell us which parts of our website are most visited, and facilitate and measure the effectiveness of Internet searches. The data collected in this way is not personal data since it does not allow the User to be identified — directly or indirectly.

The CHU UCL Namur website uses different types of cookie, which you can set here.

4.4 Processing of your personal data during your visit to the CHU UCL Namur.

Please see the various privacy policies of the CHU UCL Namur.

Article 5. Intellectual property

All the information, logos and drawings on the website are the exclusive property of CHU UCL Namur and are protected by the applicable law, which may be copyright, trademark law or other laws relating to intellectual property.

It is prohibited to reproduce, modify, distribute or sell all or part of the visual, textual or audio-visual content of the website without the written consent of CHU UCL Namur.

In the event of personal or non-profit use, the source, copyright, and ownership must be clearly mentioned (full acknowledgement of the source of the reproduced material, link to source information, name of the author if mentioned, title if any, etc.).

With the exception of deep linking techniques (‘framing’ and ‘inlining’), the CHU UCL Namur authorises the User of the website to create a simple hypertext link to the present website on condition that the external website referencing the present website does not contain any defamatory remarks or other illegal content.

Article 6. Image rights

The persons pictured and identifiable on this website have authorised the CHU UCL Namur to reproduce their image on the website. Any reproduction or other use of the image of a person published on this website is prohibited unless the User obtains written consent from the person concerned.

Article 7. Advertising and funding

The website does not carry any form of advertising and is exclusively self-financed.

Article 8. Applicable law and competent court

These General Terms of Use are governed by, and enforced in accordance with Belgian law. Any dispute will be resolved in the competent courts of the judicial district of Namur.

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