Medico-economic conference in Namur
19 & 20 october 2023
Enduring ambition for patients
20 days : 20 hours : 43 minutes : 18 seconds

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Medico-economic and ethical outcomes

The major challenges facing our societies today are compelling healthcare providers to investigate options for tomorrow. Financial balance is fragile because it must include new technologies, demographic trends, changes in organisations, and the control of resources, together with the best quality of care within a framework that complies with ethics.

However, the number of medico-economic evaluations of hospital care still seems to be very limited, except in a few countries that already link qualitative approaches to cost notions in their health policies.

Medinomia’s ambition is to open up the debate between healthcare actors and identify the foundations of performance and innovation in new organisations promoting values.

Innovation Organisation of health care systems Data management Health promotion

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