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Implementation of outpatient medication review by the clinical pharmacist


Stéphanie Pirlot graduated from UCL in 2005 with a degree in hospital and clinical pharmacy.
Her first experience in clinical pharmacy started at GHdC in February 2007 in Dr Latteur’s geriatric service.

She developed institutional projects (iv-po switch campaigns, antibiotic rounds, adaptations of galenic forms according to swallowing disorders,…), projects specific to geriatrics (rational use of PPIs, use of LMWHs in VTE prevention according to walking distance, development of a screening tool for the management of geriatric patients by the clinical pharmacist,…) as well as a series of training sessions for the nursing department staff.

In 2017, the JACIE accreditation standards allow the opening of a clinical pharmacy position for the haematology department and Mrs Pirlot sees her working time shared equally between Dr Latteur’s department and Dr Canon’s cancer and blood diseases department.

In 2020, she participated in Dr Cleeren’s study for her TFE “Does the drug review of the chronic drug treatment of elderly patients in nursing homes allow budgetary savings in addition to a positive clinical impact?

His experience in care units and this study made him aware of the needs of the first line of care.
In 2021, she founded ClinPharma Consultance, the first drug review company in Belgium, aimed at primary care physicians, pharmacists and care providers.