Université Catholique de Lille
Date Thursday 20.10
Time 13:30

Conference topics

“The place of ethics in this new world”


Jean-Philippe Cobbaut is a legal expert and a philosopher, and holds a doctorate in public health. He is the director of the Centre for Medical Ethics at the Catholic University of Lille (part of EA 7446 ETHICS), which is a centre for research, initial and continuing education, and interventions in the health and medico-social fields. He is a professor of medical ethics at the same university and teaches ethics and health law at the Faculty of Medicine and Public Health of the Catholic University of Louvain.

He has been a member of the Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics, a researcher at the Centre for Legal Philosophy of the Catholic University of Leuven, a visiting researcher at the Harvard Law School, and the Secretary General of the Confederation of Family Associations of the European Union (COFACE). He is a member of several scientific associations (AECME,

ECEN, …) and national and international research groups (CONTRAST, PIECD, …, RIRESP).
His research work focuses on changes in contemporary medicine and ensuing ethical issues concerning care relationships, organisations and health policies. He is involved in clinical and organisational ethics in many contexts (health establishments, medico-social establishments, associations, etc.) and conducts methodological research in these fields. He is also involved in several emancipatory action research projects aiming to support self-determination and the social participation of groups of people with disabilities.