Manfred Zahorka

OptiMedis AG
Date vendredi 21.10
Time 14:00

Conference topics

“Experience of integrated care and population responsibility”



Dr. Manfred Zahorka, MD, MPH, DTMPH, EOQ auditor is a family physician with expertise in tropical medicine and occupational health, a senior public health expert, epidemiologist, and auditor for quality management systems. Following 9 years of experience in clinical care in surgery, obstetrics, internal medicine, and family medicine he worked for more than 25 years as project manager for health projects in the European and international context (GIZ and Swiss TPH) managing regional health systems, supporting organisational development, and setting up quality management systems at facility as well as regional management settings. Since 2013 his focus is on integrated people centred care and setting up Population Health Management (PHM) based networks. Since 2020 he is with OptiMedis as Senior Manager Project Development responsible for setting up PHM based networks in France and Belgium and sharing OptiMedis PHM best practices in the EU Jadecare program.