Dominique Henrion


Conference topics

How the introduction of a weekly zoom conference could improve the experience of general practitioners during the Covid pandemic


  • Master of training UCL for masters 1 and 2 since 2009 : Supervision of students during training in general medicine
  • Internship supervisor recognised by the Public Health Department for UCL and ULB: Hosting and supervision of an assistant doing his complementary master in general medicine since October 2012.
  • Involvement in a medical software user group: Use and beta-tester of the “Health One” software. Pioneer in the use of the RSW (Walloon Health Network)
  • Vice-President of the RGN (circle of general practitioners in charge of the organisation of on-call duty in Namur): In this capacity, I participated in the creation of the medical post of guard of the Namur region. I also took part in the daily management of the circle within its board. I was in charge of the “hospital relations commission” in order to create links between the 1st and 2nd line of care in the Namur region.
  • Substitute member of the Order of Physicians of the Province of Namur 2014-2018: In this framework, I investigated complaints from patients and/or doctors. After discussion with other members, decisions were taken collegially on the continuation of the deontological procedure.
  • Lecturer at UNAMUR: Member of the BAC3 internship commission. In addition to the organisation of the BAC3 internship with several academic members and general practitioners, I had the opportunity to supervise end-of-cycle BioMed assignments.
  • Project leader for the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of UNamur: Setting up a master of specialisation in General Medicine.
  • Member of the ASBL GAMENA (GArde de MEdecine générale NAmuroise): Involvement as a conciliator in the mediation cell of the ASBL which organises general medicine on-call in the Namur, Andenne and Floreffe region.
  • Medical director of several COVID-19 vaccination centres: Namur expo and Arsenal de Namur during the 2021-2022 vaccination campaign
  • Coordinator of Covid-19 testing centres in Namur and Andenne
  • COVID-19 Scientific Referent for the general practitioners of Namur: Publications of several articles on general medicine.
  • Recipient of the Blondeau 2021 Prize from the City of Namur: Prize intended to reward acts of courage, dedication and great civic-mindedness or exemplary probity
  • Presentation and animation of several conferences, DODECA and GLEM